The Placement Exchange

Project Dates: 2014-2016

In the fall of 2014, I was chosen as the lead developer for The Placement Exchange (TPE), NASPA's student affairs job listing partner site. With 12,000 existing members and a short timeline for a well-publicized conference registration date, it was crucial that all efforts were incredibly thorough, yet timely.

Primary Features

  • Advanced job listing search
  • Custom member accounts and profiles
  • Job Recommendations / Saved Jobs / Saved Searches
  • Cart/e-commerce functionality
  • Conference interview scheduling, custom calendar, and notifications
  • Data migration of 12,000+ members, profiles, and transaction history
  • Site architecture, organization and data-structures


  • Expression Engine (2.8.1)
  • Cartthrob
  • Skipjack & Payments
  • Custom EE/PHP Plugins
  • MySQL
  • Foundation + jQuery