I am an experienced software developer specializing in PHP and Java web applications, living in Portland, OR. I build usable, member-focused web applications that solve business problems and support thousands of users daily. I enjoy working with Agile/XP practices, but also recognize that there are times when rules and procedures don't have all the answers. Currently, I am leading a small team at a digital agency, focusing on code standards, improved collaboration, and automated testing.

Outside of my daily work, I create and grow personal applications to continue learning and improving my skills. I love working with others who do the same and are passionate about their craft or ideas. If you have any questions about my work or want to share some ideas of your own, please reach out on LinkedIn anytime.

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(Re)Structuring Upload Directories with PHP

Years ago, a younger version of myself made the silly decision to store user-created images in a simple two-level directory (/cards/thumbs & /cards/full). Thousands up uploads later, I had a major problem on my hands. Or 142,000 problems, to be more specific. I needed these files organized, both for readability and easier future cleanup (expired files, storage limitations). Here is how I made the move.

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