MTG Cardsmith

Project Dates: 2011-Ongoing

MTG Cardsmith originally started as a small experiment with PHP's GD library. After I realized there was definitely an audience for this service, I've continued adding features and additional services. Our growth continues, with over 25,000 registered members to date.

This project is where I focus most of my development energy outside of my daily career. Being the sole developer has required learning and improving many skills, including: full-stack application and server administration, community moderation, customer service skills, project management & planning, application security, e-commerce, and additional front-end web design / user-experience skills.

Primary Features

  • GD2/Imagine card generators
  • Stripe API Storefront
  • Member accounts/storage
  • Favorites/Ranking system
  • Site architecture, organization and data-structures


  • PHP + GD2/Imagine
  • jQuery, Gulp, Sass, Foundation
  • MySQL
  • Amazon Associates API