(Re)Structuring Upload Directories with PHP

Posted on April 18, 2015

Years ago, a younger version of myself made the silly decision to store user-created images in a simple two-level directory (/cards/thumbs & /cards/full). Thousands up uploads later, I had a major problem on my hands. Or 142,000 problems, to be more specific. I needed these files organized, both for readability and easier future cleanup (expired files, storage limitations). Here is how I made the move.

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Building Member Sites with Teeth

Posted on March 15, 2015

Above simply increasing traffic and page views, nurturing authentically engaging communities on your site means giving members original ways to engage with your brand, content, and each other.

If your email click-through rates are abysmal and your daily login numbers could use a boost; but you’re already trying everything “recommended” to engage users, it might be time to consider building custom features focused on keeping users coming back for more.

Lately, I’ve been on quite the member site development kick, which sparked many conversations with colleagues around best practices behind encouraging user interaction. It’s no longer sufficient to simply publish the weekly blog post and wait for the users to show up. That’s now a minimum to keep your site feeling alive and curated. So, what else can be done?

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